Hazardous Agent Threat Management (CFATS)

Hazardous Agent Threat Management (CFATS) Please contact
Shannon Magari, ScD, MS, MPH
Phone: 315.445.0847

Planning for unanticipated events is imperative in today's uncertain times. Colden helps clients comply with the Department of Homeland Security, Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard and planning for chemical, biological and radioactive substance threats to their facilities. Important in the planning stage are assessment of hazard and exposure potential, respiratory protection needs, entry conditions, exit routes, and decontamination strategies. Any plan involving hazardous threats should be based on relevant recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other expert bodies including emergency first responders, law enforcement, and public health officials. Colden can provide recommendations for facilities and for employee training that will minimize potential of introduced hazardous substances.

Planning for a hazardous agent threat provides the following benefits:

  • Provides guidance for protection of employees and customers
  • Minimizes the adverse effects of incidents whether real of false alarms
  • Minimizes recovery costs
  • Demonstrates to your customers a commitment to health and safety in your products and services