Incident, Near Miss, and Root Cause Investigations

Incident, Near Miss, and Root Cause Investigations Please contact
Michael Howe, CIH
Phone: 315.445.0847

An incident analysis (IA) process should ensure that injuries and serious incidents are analyzed thoroughly and promptly so that employers can understand and analyze all contributing factors including at-risk behaviors and hazardous conditions. The benefits of a highly functioning IA process translate into a high level of employee engagement, improved productivity, and lower workers' compensation costs.

Colden can aid clients in identifying, prioritizing, documenting, investigating, tracking, and learning from these incidents.

Colden can assist clients with all aspects of their incident analysis efforts by providing:

  • New material, process and project reviews
  • Incident Analysis (IA) performance reviews and gap analyses
  • Assistance with IA program development
  • IA program management, including tracking, reporting and employee best practice communications
  • Client staff training in incident investigation and analysis

Colden Incident, Near Miss, And Root Cause Investigations Services (PDF)