System Wide EHS Program Evaluation

System Wide EHS Program Evaluation Please contact
Mike Glowatz, MS, CIH, CSP
Phone: 215.496.9237

Christopher Wesley, CIH
Phone: 215.496.9237

As Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management has matured as a discipline, organizations have embraced innovative approaches to designing and implementing programs. From regulatory compliance to risk management, savvy managers employ sophisticated metrics to yield EHS provable results. More than ever, managers must manage in a climate of transparency and accountability.

Colden provides expert, third-party assessment and guidance on EHS programs. We deliver a rigorous, objective look at the efficacy and effectiveness of system wide EHS programs. Our macro-scale evaluation goes far beyond individual EHS hazards or risks, and engages top-tier managers as change agents in a process that can affect thousands of employees - and millions in revenues. Services include review or development of the following:

  • EHS system review: protocols, policies, procedures
  • EHS program design and management
  • Organizational hierarchy and flow chart, including authority and commitment to EHS
  • Performance measurement of EHS manager-employee competencies
  • Development and evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Leading and Lagging Indicators with respect to EHS and core corporate values and culture
  • Audit process evaluation
  • EHS communications protocols and standards (plain English, open channels from top to bottom and bottom to top, as well as laterally)
  • Developing an EHS-attentive culture
  • Continuous improvement of EHS processes, tracked with respect to performance goals, production efficiency, health and safety data, regulatory guidance, internal benchmarks
  • Multidisciplinary EHS troubleshooting and problem solving; organic organizational interdependencies (e.g., EHS and Engineering and Facilities Maintenance working in concert with each other)
  • Proactive and systematic regulatory compliance
  • Staffing ratios; professional development; succession planning; and resource utilization

Colden System Wide EHS Program Evaluation Services (PDF)