Senior Consultants Paul Webb and Michele Shepard discuss Nanotechnology in the February Issue of The Synergist

Colden Senior Consultants Paul Webb, MPH, MBA, CIH, CSP, and Michele Shepard, PhD, MS, CIH, collaborated with executive committee members of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Nanotechnology Work Group to publish an article in the February issue of the Synergist.  The article entitled “Nanomaterials: The Next Wave” highlights the challenges of nanotechnology in the 21st century workplace, including addressing new tools and approaches to processing.  The article has been published in the February issue of the Synergist which is now available online and in print.  The Synergist is published by AIHA and focuses on technical information of interest to the industrial hygiene community, as well as other occupational and environmental health and safety professionals.


“This new phase of material science -what many refer to as advanced material science -blends together select subsets of materials (synthetic chemicals, minerals, biologicals, and radiological materials) and infuses them into the manufacturing workplace of the 21st century.”

“Nanomaterials: The Next Wave,” The Synergist, February 2015 (Online Magazine)


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