The Design and Implementation of Community Air Monitoring Plans

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) has adopted a technical guidance document as policy that incorporates air monitoring during an active remediation project.  This document outlines requirements for the implementation of a generic Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP). This involves direct-reading air monitoring instruments placed at defined locations around the perimeter of a property.

The CAMP requirements can be found in NYSDEC’s, May 3, 2010, Division of Environmental Remediation (DER)-10 Guidance for Site Investigation and Remediation.  This is the source document the NYS DEC will refer to for authority to oversee remediation projects.

The DER-10 guidance provides an overview of the site investigation and remediation process for the NYS DEC remedial programs administered by the DER. These include the Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Site Remedial Program, known as the State Superfund Program (SSF); Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP); Environmental Restoration Program (ERP); Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) and certain petroleum releases.

A CAMP requires real-time monitoring for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates (i.e., dust) at the downwind perimeter of each designated work area when certain activities are in progress at contaminated sites. The CAMP is not intended for use in establishing action levels for worker respiratory protection. Rather, its intent is to provide a measure of protection for the downwind community (i.e., off-site receptors to include residences, businesses, and on-site workers not directly involved with the subject work activities) from potential airborne contaminant releases as a direct result of investigative and remedial work activities. The CAMP action levels specified require increased monitoring, corrective actions to abate emissions, and/or work shutdown.

Colden Corporation has implemented many CAMPs on remediation projects in New York State. Colden’s Community Air Monitoring service brief (PDF) provides additional information on how we assist clients with CAMPs.



DER-10 Technical Guidance for Site Investigation and Remediation

NYS DEC Program Policy – Issued May 3, 2010 (PDF)



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