Asbestos and Lead Management

Asbestos and Lead Management Please contact
David de Lalla
Phone: 518.490.2261

Colden Corporation provides expert asbestos management services for maintaining asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in-place, or facilitating renovation projects involving potential disturbance of ACMs. Our asbestos services include:

  • Building surveys and risk assessments
  • Operations & maintenance programs
  • Abatement designs
  • Project management
  • Project monitoring and sampling
  • Employee awareness training
  • Renovation of buildings built prior to 1980 typically results in the disturbance of asbestos. Even the simplest renovation can be derailed by the undefined presence of asbestos. Colden's involvement in the pre-design project planning will prevent delays and ultimately reduce overall project costs.

Colden provides lead-based paint (LBP) management services that parallel our expert asbestos management services. Often the assessment, abatement design and abatement monitoring for lead and asbestos are combined into one project. Colden also has expertise in the management of hazards and design of control measures associated with the removal of lead-containing coatings from building materials and steel/industrial structures.

Colden also provides consulting services for industrial clients and contractors whose employees may be exposed to lead. These services, which are designed to help ensure compliance with OSHA standards governing worker exposures to lead, include site surveys, awareness training, engineering controls, exposure monitoring, and compliance programs.

Colden Asbestos and Lead Management Services (PDF)