Corey Briggs Selected as an AIHA Distinguished Lecturer

Corey Briggs, MSPH, CIH, CET, FAIHA of Colden Corporation was recently selected as one of the new AIHA Distinguished Lecturers (DL). The AIHA Distinguished Lecturer Program focuses on providing lectures on national and international occupational and environmental health issues that affect the practice of industrial hygiene.  The AIHA Fellows SIG​ is proud to host this program that features prominent experts in industrial hygiene who are prepared to lecture on recent research and new developments and topics of interest that affect workplace safety and the environment.  The Distinguished Lecturers are drawn from the AIHA membership, they and their lectures have been reviewed thoroughly by a DL Review Team as to their quality and timeliness. The yearly Distinguished Lecturer list identifies experts within AIHA who are capable and willing to provide lectures in their area of expertise to the industrial hygiene community and to our outreach partners. Their program features renowned thought leaders in academia, industry and government, speaking about the most important topics in industrial hygiene. This program enables the H&S community to connect and learn from experts in the field of industrial hygiene, and to schedule a presentation at local, regional or international meetings. AIHA Distinguished Lecturers are ready to deliver compelling and insightful content to your audience.

Please email Corey at or contact him in Colden’s Boston office at 617.648.2356.