Colden Corey Briggs will present “The Present and Future of OEHS Pros?”

Join Colden’s Senior Consultant, Corey Briggs, MSPH, CIH, CIT, FAIHA present “The Present and Future of OEHS Pros? The Graying of the Profession, Ideas for the Near Future, and Beyond”, sponsored by Avetta.

Date: December 7th, 2021

Time: 2:00pm EST


This webinar will provide attendees information and demographics on the profession and what can be done to make every effort to ensure young OEHS professionals are learning about what we do to continue our “mission” – working with management at all levels to ensure that a safe and healthy work environment is provided and maintained. Corey Briggs, MSPH, CIH, CIT, FAIHA 40 years of experience in OEHS consulting and will share his observations and opinions of the “state of the state” of the profession including:

  • Where we came from?
  • Where we are now and how we got into this position?
  • Demographics on the age of the profession and our distribution.
  • His experience “spreading the word” of the profession to students and others.
  • Recommendations for moving forward at the grassroots level.

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