ISO Management System Standards Amended for Climate Action Changes

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) amended its management system series of standards on February 23, 2024 to specifically incorporate climate action changes. Amendment 1 adds language to two foundational clauses to assure that climate change is considered in understanding the organizational context (clause 4.1) and determining interested parties’ needs and expectations including those which are or may become requirements (clause 4.2).

While the overall intent of the clauses is not changed, Amendment 1 explicitly references climate change as a consideration in determining relevant external factors which may affect management system effectiveness or outcomes and identifying relevant interested parties and their requirements.

Amendment 1 applies to the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management System standards, ISO 14001:2015, “Environmental management system – Requirements with guidance for use” and ISO 45001:2018, “Occupational health and safety management systems — Requirements with guidance for use” and is available on the ISO webpage at ISO 14001:2015/Amd 1:2024 and ISO 45001:2018/Amd 1:2024 or click here for a full list of the ISO management system standards impacted.

Organizations and certifying bodies should ensure that climate change aspects and risks have been specifically considered, documented, and applied in the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle as relevant within their EHS management system scope (e.g., objectives and requirements, mitigation and continual improvement actions).

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