Community Noise Monitoring

Deviations from normal or background noise in a community can be annoying. Even relatively minor increases in environmental noise can create a significant disruption. The level of disruption at the receptor depends on factors including: the sound pressure level and spectral characteristics, time of day, and the frequency and duration of noisy events. Using some of the most sophisticated noise monitoring equipment available, Colden can comprehensively evaluate sound pressure levels impacting stakeholders within a community.  

Colden’s Services

  • Development of comprehensive noise monitoring program 
  • 24/7 environmental noise monitoring  
  • Cellular connectivity for remote real-time data and equipment management 
  • Automated data publishing  
  • Sound recording based on pre-set sound pressure level triggers 
  • Compliance evaluation with local ordinances or corporate guidelines 
  • Development of risk communication plans for stakeholders 

Colden Community Noise Monitoring Services (PDF)