Hazard Communication

Each year, thousands of workers become sick or die from exposures to the hazardous chemicals that are found in their workplaces. Employers that have hazardous chemicals at their sites are required by OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), 29 CFR 1910.1200, to implement a hazard communication program. The program must include labels on containers of hazardous chemicals, safety data sheets (SDSs) and training for workers. Colden’s Industrial Hygienists can effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of a client’s hazard communication program, or individual program elements as needed, to help ensure the safety and health of your employees and compliance with OSHA requirements.

Colden’s Services

  • Preparing and implementing written hazard communication programs
  • Developing and delivering site specific employee training programs
  • Developing chemical inventories and safe storage programs
  • Developing and implementing labeling procedures for chemical containers, pipes and tanks
  • Establishing and maintaining a library of current safety data sheets (SDSs)
  • Conducting program audits and updates