On-site EHS Staffing

Many organizations face a shortfall of in-house EHS resources and restrictions on head counts, yet still need to meet applicable EHS requirements and action plans. Others may need a temporary replacement for EHS staff on leave, or while a position is being filled. Colden provides EHS staff to supplement the available resources at client sites, providing personnel at appropriate levels to accomplish the EHS objectives. We help clients with staffing solutions for short-term periods as well as long-term contracts for years to over a decade. The level of support ranges from full-time positions to a certain number of  hours  or  days  per  week  or  month  as needed.

Colden’s Services

  • On-site full- or part-time EHS staffing support
  • Access to senior level consultant support as needed
  • Development of EHS staffing job descriptions
  • Assistance with EHS candidate interview

Colden On-Site EHS Staffing and Outsourcing Services (PDF)