Fall Protection

Falls from heights or on the same level are one of the leading causes for serious workplace injuries and deaths in the United States. As a result, OSHA updated its Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems standard (29 CFR 1910 Subparts D and I), with the changes taking effect according to the following schedule:

May 17, 2017 : Training workers on fall and equipment hazards;

November 20, 2017 : Inspection and certification of permanent building anchorages;

November 19, 2018 : Installation of fall protection (personal fall arrest systems, ladder safety systems, cages, wells) on existing fixed ladders (over 24 feet) that do not have any fall protection;

November 19, 2018 : Installation of ladder safety or personal fall arrest systems on new fixed ladders (over 24 feet) and replacement ladders/ladder sections; and

November 18, 2036 : Installation of ladder safety systems or personal fall arrest systems on all fixed ladders (over 24 feet).

The updated standard also adds new requirements for fall protection systems, allowing employers more flexibility in determining the fall protection method(s) that work best for their work environment.

Colden’s approach to fall protection is to assess our clients’ fall protection needs, properly align fall protection systems for each job task and work environment, provide for appropriate inspections, and to train employees on the proper use of fall protection equipment.

Colden’s Services

  • Assessment of Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Hazards
  • Selection of appropriate Fall Protection Systems
  • Personal Fall Protection Systems Program Development or Review
  • Inspections of Fall Protection Equipment
  • Employee Training