Laboratory Health and Safety

Laboratories are challenged with many health and safety risks common to other work environments, plus unique risks from materials created or used in novel ways.


Colden provides biosafety-related services for BSL1, BSL2, and BSL3 laboratories, including Recombinant DNA, Select Agents and Toxins, and pharmaceuticals. Our professional staff includes doctoral scientists and current and former biosafety committee members from academia, the USDA, and the biotechnology industry.

Chemical Safety

Colden routinely assists clients with management and control of laboratory chemicals including toxic, corrosive, flammable and/or explosive materials, compressed gases, cryogenics, and engineered nanomaterials created or used in research and development.

Physical Hazards

Colden can develop or review programs for lasers, radioactive materials, and other hazards. Our staff includes former Radiation Safety Officers and a Certified Health Physicist partner.

Colden’s Services

  • Audits and laboratory safety inspections
  • New material, process and project reviews
  • Exposure assessment and monitoring
  • PPE hazard assessments and respiratory protection management
  • Written programs and protocols for EHS management and compliance
  • Training program development and delivery including online systems
  • Hazardous material inventory management
  • Ventilation testing and performance evaluations
  • Incident and near miss reporting systems and investigations
  • Laboratory safety team support and meeting facilitation

Colden Laboratory Health and Safety Services (PDF)